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Reach the people you have been trying to reach through video calls, if you can pay for their time.

Transform your social media experience







Transform your Social Media with YouDeh

No Clutter
YouDeh's purpose is clear. Do away with all the clutter. You know you are there to connect, meet and earn.
Improve your PR
Connecting with your followers through video chat is good PR, while you maintain your privacy.
Easy Settings
Clear simple settings, update profile picture, change meeting rates, manage wallet, view our Terms of Service, etc.

Feature Highlights

Create Meeting

This feature allows a user to meet their idols/ mentor or service provider from anywhere in the world, only if they accept the meeting request. Why would they say no if you pay?.

So create that party!
Review Event Requests

You can review meeting requests to reject the ones you do not want, and approve the ones you want. You don't have to speak to everyone, you know!.

How many events you got?
View Your Events Schedule

You can always view a list of all your past and future events, to plan better. More meetings, more kaching!.

Got any meetings coming?
Set Meeting Rates

You determine how much you charge for your time, you can set your own events/ meeting rates. So how much will you charge?

Go ahead, set your rates.
Earn For Meeting

For every meeting you participate in, you get paid 70% of your rate. C'mon, we gotta pay the bills :-).

All payments are sent to your PayPal or bank account account depending on your location.

Ready to start earning?

Download YouDeh today and start experiencing Social Media like never before. Get personal with your idols, or make yourself accessible to your followers while maintaining your privacy.
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